Experience the comfort of having industry professionals available to aide you and your team in meeting your goals and milestones.


If you have a plan or if we have developed a plan for you MAETRIX also has the resources to ensure your solutions are deployed and implemented correctly and efficiently.

Operate and Monitor

MAETRIX is the Information Technology resource partner you need. With our monitoring and case management solutions operating your systems and infrastructure has never been easier.

Analyze and Improve

Continuous improvement to your technological infrastructure is the key to overcoming scaling roadblocks. With the monitoring and support services from MAETRIX you can identify bottlenecks and implement further solutions or improvements to ensure your technology is working for you.

Disaster Recovery

A business's data is its most critical asset and with the movement to digitization of all media, it is more susceptible than ever to damage, loss and destruction.

Redundancy, backups and disaster recovery planning are critical to ensure your files and data are secure and safe.


The tech solutions provider built for your business!


Championing Small Businesses

The Small Business Association defines various numbers of employees as the upper limit of a Small business. On average it is 250-500 employees. We think that is pretty big and you probably do too. Our solutions are designed for sole proprietors and up.


What Can We Do for You?

The biggest hurdle for growing businesses is scaling. As you grow you find a deficit of talent in certain aspects of your operations that are not a part of your core product or service. One of the largest skill deficits is some form of Information Technology.


Increase Insight

Many organizations are often running on empty by the seat of their pants putting out fires.

Many more operate this way, and dont even know that is why so little can get done in a given time period. Looking too closely often causes leadership to miss important details that can slow a business's trajectory. Operational reports and system monitoring is one of several methods to gain that higher perspective to see where metrics are falling short and where others are excelling.


Become Resillient

What do you do when your technology fails? What about a power outage? How susceptible is your data to malicious actors? Do you own your data, or is another resonsible for it?

These are questions that need answers, and often the questions are asked too late. MAETRIX has a suite of solutions to ensure your business can keep the lights on both at your storefront and your online presence.

This degree of resilience is created with solid disaster recovery plans, implementing fault tolerance and data backup systems. These solutions that appear cumbersome at a glance. However, with the right partner they will add a sense of security and make sleep easier.


Technology is Growing Fast!

Life and business is becoming more dependant on technology and thus so must you to compete. Huge upsets in the world are making traditional business methods obsolete.

We can help you leverage these new tools to keep up and outperform competition in any sector.


Innovate Your Operations

One of the hardest walls to pass is overcoming the belief that new things add complexity.

The fact is, it does add complexity. This should not however, make your job harder. Technology like all tools should make things easier, streamlined and convenient.

Just as utilizing a lever to move a large load adds extra steps to a process, it makes the overall task easier to accomplish. Together we can show you the proper tools to leverage and increase efficiency in several aspects of your daily operations.


Why Consider Consulting?

Consultants are leveraged by the heavy hitting entities for a reason. Concentrated expertise is worth it's investment. The rate at which the IT sector is bleeding into all industries is staggering and intimidating. Organizations without the expertese to develop and deploy solutons will waste valuable time and capital figuring out what is best for them to succeede.

With MAETRIX as your technological resource you can be assured that our proposals are put fourth with your goals and interests in mind.


Our Commitment

MAETRIX has small town roots, so we have small town integrity. Your success is our success and there is no other way for us to do business. Considering MAETRIX is considering a partner that is fully invested in the success of you and your business.