MAETRIX Technologies was founded in 2016 as a competitor to the larger firms providing IT consulting and support services and aims itself firmly on local and small to medium sized businesses. Founded by IT professionals with backgrounds in large telecommunications and data center industry, the specialties of the large conglomerates was made available without the massive costs or convoluted policies.

We take pride in making solutions and delivering them to smaller organizations to even the technological playing field, ensuring no business takes their products to market without the support of an IT partner that has the expertise to streamline the often complex aspects of the world's digital marketplace.

Headquartered in the beautiful Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon, we have a small town background and heavily invest in the culture fostered by the area. Our neighbors are more than just parts of a community. They are members of a larger family unit that thrives on mutual respect, comradery and support.

The goals of MAETRIX are not to simply undercut other firms to compete for business. Our drive is to lift up communities and their segments with the support of cutting edge industrial knowledge, allowing the core of our economy - small locally owned businesses -  to thrive.